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Lighting Tips

Foyers, Halls and Stairways
Size the decorative fixture to the space. Two story foyers will require a larger fixture. If the fixture can be viewed from above, be sure to select a foyer fixture, which looks attractive from second story viewing. Stairways and halls must have good general lighting for safety. Choose matching close-to-ceiling fixtures for hallways and smaller chain-hung fixtures for stairways.

Living Area
Recessed lighting is one of the preferred ways to light a general area because the light source is concealed. Close-to-ceiling or decorative fluorescent fixtures can provide ample lighting.

Dining Area
A chandelier or pendant can be a general lighting element, as well as a focal point of the home. Recessed wall washers can provide additional light while helping to create an illusion of a larger room space. A chandelier should be 6" to 12" smaller than the narrowest side of the table. The bottom of a pendant or chandelier should be approximately 30" above a table.

Decorative fluorescent fixtures mounted in the center of a workspace is a common choice. Kitchens less than 100 square feet require a two-lamp fluorescent, up to 250 square feet will require supplemental lighting. Downlights mounted 18" off the edge of the cabinets, and spaced 3' to 4' on centers is an excellent way to create additional general lighting.

Bath & Vanity Lighting
Areas over 100 square feet require several recessed downlights or decorative surface mounted fixtures. Companion close-to-ceiling fixtures help to supplement bath wall brackets in larger bathrooms.

Outdoor Lighting
Select a design and size to complement your house while providing sufficient lighting for safety. When installing a wall lantern, size the fixture to the door and surrounding space. Wall lanterns should be mounted slightly above eye level 60° to 66° from the center of the fixture to the floor. Post top lanterns are an excellent way to light a walkway, while complimenting wall lanterns. Large post top lanterns make a better impression when used in large open spaces.

Pendants and Mini Pendants

Pendants hold a distinct place in the world of lighting. They are perfect for intimate areas such as breakfast bars, kitchens, desks and breakfast nooks.

Mini-pendants teamed up in twos or threes, they create a dramatic look for a breakfast bar or kitchen island.

Pendant and Mini Pendant Mounting Tips
• Mount pendants 24" to 30" above a table top
• Mini-pendants look best when mounted 18" to
24" above a surface area.
• Mount using a adjustable pendant bar for
two or three pendants.

Task Lighting

Living Area
Visual tasks such as reading, playing games, or hobbies requires at least 20-foot candles. Recessed, track, or pendants can provide ample light for tasks.

The use of Hide-A-Light under the cabinets helps to reduce shadows on the counters, while adding critical light to the workspace. Fluorescent undercabinet fixtures operate very cool, and are a cost efficient lighting source. In open areas over sinks, use recessed downlights mounted directly over the sink.

For dinettes, a pendant on a dimmer, hanging 24" to 30" above a table is ideal for task lighting. Size the fixture to roughly 12" less in diameter than the narrowest dimension of the table. A glass or plastic pendant will provide ample "uplighting" to wash the whole dinette area with light.

Bath & Vanity Lighting
One fixture mounted over the mirror is a good way of lighting the bathroom, but can cause shadows on the face. Addition of recessed downlights mounted 24" to 36" on centers between the face and the mirror is a better method for lighting the face and the head.

Adding wall brackets to the side of the mirror is the best method to eliminate shadows on the face. Mirrors under 48" wide use vertically mounted wall brackets. If the fixture uses exposed lamps, do not use wattage higher than 40 watts. Fixtures with clear or well-diffused glass use no more than 75 watts. Etched or white glass on a fixture should be used with no more than 100 watts. Color corrected fluorescent lamps should be used when fluorescent fixtures are desired. In the shower, use recessed shower lights or a ceiling mounted plastic unit. Don't forget the area over the commode, a recessed unit is always a welcomed addition.

Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting can enhance any room in the house whether it's artwork or highlighting home architecture. Use the guide below to help you with proper applications of accent lighting.

Make artwork come to life by painting it with halogen light from recessed adjustable downlights or track fixtures. The light source should be aimed at an approximate 30-degree angle to prevent glare on framed art.

Foyers, Halls, and Stairways
Use matching wall brackets or sconces that match the hanging foyer fixture. Always mount a sconce above eye level (approximately from the center of the fixture to the floor) so lamp source is not visible.

Living Area
Recessed or track fixtures help make rooms come alive through accenting artwork, wall washing or grazing. Low voltage strip lighting such as Hide-A-Lite helps create drama in bookcases.

Dining Area
The use of adjustable halogen recessed fixtures aimed on the table and chandelier helps to provide additional light on the table, and will also bring out the brilliance of the chandelier. Consider companion sconces or wall brackets on either side of a china cabinet or hutch. Hide-A-Lite mounted inside valances and cabinets add drama.

Sconces and Wall Brackets
Compliments a chandelier with companion sconces and wall brackets.

The use of Hide-A-Lite in cabinets, valances and toe spaces creates drama while creating light to safely navigate through the kitchen late in the evening.


Wall sconces visually expand a room by providing uplight and ambient light. Use them as a complement to recessed downlighting, and place them where they appear aesthetically balanced in the room. A recommended hieght of 66" from center of sconce to floor is a recommended mounting height.

Progress Lighting has a large selection of incandescent, halogen and energy-efficient fluorescent sconces. We also offer a wide variety of wall brackets.

An easy way to make decor changes, our proprietary-design Wall Pockets Sconce System features a shallow profile diffuser that can mount to either a recessed wall box or a surface-mount backplate. Diffusers can be quickly changed, providing a new look without disturbing electrical components.

Many of Progress Lighting's wall sconces extend 4" or less from the wall so they can comply with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements for public-access buildings.

Undercabinet Lighting

When it comes to task and mood lighting - from office, to kitchen, to more formal rooms - nothing has the hard-working appeal of undercabinet fixtures.

In addition to traditional undercabinet and undershelf fluorescents, Progress offers its own unique Hide-A-Lite system. Easy to install our halogen-lamp Hide-A-Lite system provides ample light under cabinets, shelves, and toe spaces. In addition, Hide-A-LIte systems fit easily above valances, china cabinets and throughout the house, casting the kind of indirect light that's dramatic, yet inviting.

Bookcases & Shelves

Special accessories and possesions should be accented. Use Recessed adjustable fixtures place 12" to 18" from the front of the shelf.

Hide-A-Lite mounted inside valances and cabinets adds drama.

Energy Star

Energy Star labeled light fixtures lower the cost of lighting in your home by using less electricity. The Energy Star label identifies products that are designed to meet the highest standards of energy efficiency.

Save Money
Products with this label meet strict standards of low energy consumption set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Progress Lighting is committed to providing Energy Star compliant fixtures for a variety of applications including commercial, residential, and all areas of your home.

Protect the Environment
Besides saving energy, when you choose Energy Star qualified products, you help protect the environment from the air pollution associated with power generation. If just one room in every U.S. home had Energy Star labeled lighting, the change would keep one trillion pounds of greenhouse gases out of the air.

Quality of Light
Advances in efficient lighting technology have made the quality of light provided by Energy Star labeled fixtures equal to or better than the light cast by traditional lighting.

Color Temperature
The color temperature of a light source indicates the color of the light emitted measured in degrees Kelvin. The color temperature chart to the right shows a range of Energy Star labeled bulbs,
from warm to cool.

Lighting Your Home
Even the way we light our homes can make a real difference in our utility bills and to the planet. Energy Star labeled fixtures meet high standards for energy efficiency and quality, so they use less energy without sacrificing performance or design. Plus they are safe, reliable and provide just the right light and color.

Today's kitchen is much more than a place to cook. The kitchen is not only used for preparing and eating food but also for gathering and many family activities. This makes good lighting an even more crucial design element in the kitchen.

By casting light from the ceiling level, it has the power to do a wide variety of jobs. Located above the sink, it provides task lighting. Placed throughout a ceiling, it offers clean, unobtrusive general lighting. Progress Lighting also offers IC rated recessed lighting that are Energy Star complaint.

Bath & Vanity
The role of the bath has changed in modern years. It's no longer just functional, it's also high fashion. Energy Star labeled bathroom fixtures will accurately show the colors of skin, clothes and cosmetics.
Hallway and Stairway
Providing sufficient illumination for these areas is crucial for safety. Progress offers traditional Close-to-Ceiling, Recessed and Wall Sconces that are Energy Star complaint.